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Jeroen speaking from
(Web)designer/Front-end developer
Green nerd riding a bike

Get to know me

Who is this nerd?

It is a me, Jeroen!

I have a strong feeling to make the world and the web a better place. Dreaming day and night about projects to realise that. Thinking about every project from scratch, designing the graphics, developing the front end and collaborating with the programmers to make every project shine. Making logos, promotion material that reflects the feeling and the message of the project.


& energy

I love nature and everything around and in it. I believe we have to take care of our planet and take actions to keep it habitable. Producing energy for our consumption should be with respect for our planet.

New technologies, science & new media

What makes the earth and the stuff I use tick and how will it evolve in the future. Is all that stuff good for our planet? What if I could make a new technology myself and save the earth? Dreaming is not a crime.

& (Web)design

The beauty of a moment can be saved in our minds and hart or by taking the perfect picture. Not only pictures but also a good design should make a person feel he or she is transcending.


I love to play videogames. From when I was a child it was a way for me to express my creativity by building empires or saving the world from villans. Competing and challenging other players together or against friends is on of the best feelings in the world.